Team Coordinators & Coaches:

Attached is a Schedule, List of Teams and Set of Rules for this year's 2017 Turkey Tip-Off High School Girls' Pre-Season Tournament. There may be changes.

Below is other information that you may need. Please share the attachments--and the info below--with your players, parents, other high school coaches, and general fans.

2017 Turkey Tip-Off Tournament Information

  • Tournament Dates & Locations--the Turkey Tip-Off Tournament will be held this year on Friday, November 24th, and Saturday, November 25th at 2 locations--Babson College in Wellesley, MA & the FieldHouse in Sudbury, MA. Participating teams will play both their games on a day at the same site, but could be at different sites each day if playing both days. 
  • Tournament Schedule & Tournament Team List--see attached. Also, the hope is to post the Final Schedule and Team List on our website on Wednesday, November 22nd. That website is .
  • Directions to Babson College--Go to
  • Address for the Fieldhouse, Sudbury--31 Union Ave, Sudbury, MA 01776.
  • Teams Participating & Uniforms--Please understand that teams participating are teams of high school aged girls only. By MIAA rule, teams are not "specific" high school teams. Teams should try to have all players in a numbered shirt of similar color. Also, try to have a set of pinneys of a different color available in case your opponent has the same color top as your team. Players/teams will not be penalized if shirts are not numbered.
  • Admission Fee--$5 daily admission fee for fans. Children 12 & under and Senior Citizens will be admitted free.
  • Team Rosters--a roster book will be available for college coaches in attendance. A team's roster will be in this book only if submitted on time & in the appropriate format
  • College Coaches--An invitation has been sent out to over 200 College coaches about the tournament. Players on teams should send their own "personal invite" e-mails to coaches to encourage those coaches to attend. Most coaches' e-mail addresses can be found in the "Staff Directory" section of the "Athletics" section of a college's those coaches' website. There may be NCAA rules restricting attendance by Division I and/or II college coaches.
  • Athletic Trainer--will be on duty during all games on both days at both sites for any emergencies that come up. That trainer will also be available for "taping" at no charge if players bring their own tape & pre-wrap. If players need to be taped & do not have the tape & pre-wrap, the cost will be $5.
  • Game Officials--All officials refereeing are high school board certified officials.
  • Game Score Keepers and Timers--Each team is responsible for providing one volunteer at the table for each game to serve as the scorer or timer for that game. Also, "table volunteers" will assist game officials with assigning fouls to players if uniform numbers are not available.
  • Concessions--There are concession machines at Babson. Please have the necessary change/dollar bills. There will be a Concession Stand at the FieldHouse in Sudbury. 

Any questions or concerns please contact Tom Hellen by cell at 617-549-3107 or e-mail at or Brian Harris by cell at 617-756-9175 or by e-mail at

All the best for a relaxing Thanksgiving, enjoyable Tip-Off experience and successful upcoming 2017-2018 season.

Tom "Coach Storm" Hellen & Brian Harris


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